Increase ease of Access


G-Solutions has been providing letter, legal and large-format paper scanning services, demonstrating the ability to handle even the largest back file conversions and helping companies to increase ease of access to the information they own and archive. G-Solutions client base includes the medical and healthcare communities, local, state and Federal government entities and private industry. Utilizing sophisticated high-speed scanners from top manufacturers, we has the capacity and technical expertise to help manage any document conversion.

A typical workflow for paper scanning conversions includes:

  • High-speed scanning to desired output

  • Tailored post-processing applications

  • Customized indexing applications

  • System implementation

Data Scanning, Image Scanning, OCR with Editing and Indexing Services

  • High speed Image-Scanning and Data capture services

  • High speed large volume scanning

  • ADOBE PDF Conversion Services

  • Conversion from paper or E-file to Multiple formats

  • OCR Data From Scanned page

  • Scan & OCR paper Book in to CD

Types of Scanning Performed

  • Drawing Scanning

  • Document Scanning

  • Large Format Scanning

  • Aperture Card Scanning

  • Microfilm Scanning

  • Large Colour Posters

  • Photograph Scanning

  • Slide Scanning