Project Management

Ensuring the Quality of Content

Editorial Proof

G-Solutions editorial services are tailored to meet your specific content requirements. They deal with ensuring the quality of content, language proficiency and accuracy of information. Our editorial services include:

  • Copyediting and indexing.

  • Proofreading.

  • Language services.

  • Undertaking both language editing and copy editing with/without XML tags as required by clients Composition.

  • Grammar including rephrasing sentences.

  • References and footnotes for the style of the publishing, technical accuracy and placement of citations.

  • Appropriate and consistent captioning for figures and tables.

  • Mathematical equations for subscripts, superscripts, exponents and symbols.



G-Solutions typesetting and page composition services are based on XML-first workflow that preserves the integrity of the XML file throughout the various stages of the production cycle ensuring that the XML file is compliant to the publisher’s at any stage, which means that the XML can be generated literally on demand. We provide end-to-end page composition services to books and STM journals. Our page composition ranges from simple text pages to those containing complex mathematical equations; single column to multi-column and single colored to multi-colored presentation.

We are well versed in page composition software such as:

  • Adobe Indesign

  • QuarkXpress

  • LaTeX

  • 3B2

  • Pagemaker

  • Framemaker and

  • Ms-Word